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The name is a combination of two different words verus, which means true, and iconicus, which means belonging to an image, and thus stands for true image. It refers to the phrase God is gracious.. Or, you can always peruse some of our other baby name lists inspired by languages, such as French boy names or French girl names. 2002-2023 LoveToKnow Media. Unlike the meaning of rose, which is usually sweet, Rosamaria means the one who is bitter. If youd like a Mayan name, Ikal means spirit and is usually used for boys. Rafael. 67. Citlali. As the Spanish and Portuguese form of Gustav, this historical name means royal staff. Its pronounced goos-TAH-vo. She now serves as a Cultural Ambassador for Mexico. Sesasi. Pronounced mee-GHEL, this is the Spanish version of the biblical name Michael, which means who is like God.. Originally from the Latin culture and referring to Roman God of war, one of the notable personalities with the same name was Martin Luther King Jr. who was the leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement and an activist and humanitarian. The Greek name means the one who will never fade. A classic Latin American name, Jos relates to the name Joseph, which has popular variations in several other European languages. Elisa. The unusual and melodic name Bibiana has Latin origins. Fernanda means brave and adventurous. 14. Family connections, beliefs, traditions, history, culture, traits, mother nature and more play an important part in choosing a name. Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani has popularized this name across the world, with his classic designs. The name means long hair. Pronounced, rrah-OOL, this cute Mexican boys name means wolf counsel. Its a form of the English name Ralph, and your son will surely love being associated with such an adorable and powerful animal! Irene Adler appears as a fictional character in the Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Pedro Pascal is an American actor of Chilean origin. Marco is originally an Italian name which is also popular in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch languages. It will be a better and new experience try a uncommon Mexican name. Kevin Spacey and Kevin Hart are both American actors. The name that comes from the Spanish culture is another variation of the name Theresa. This is the feminine form of the Latin name Patricius, which means noble one. Pronounced pah-TREE-syah, you can shorten the name to Paty or Pat. The name, which means divine or heavenly, has Indo-European roots. A name that is popular in Spanish, Hebrew, and American cultures, it means God is with us. The meaning of the name has a profound effect on destiny. Madison and Ella. 4. Elizabeth Arden was the Canadian origin American entrepreneur who founded the cosmetic empire known by the same name. The name is widespread across Europe and America. This infographic details some of the diverse and distinctive Mexican names. Young readers are already aware of the name Geronimo, another variation of Jeronimo, through the hugely popular Geronimo Stilton books featuring the mouse protagonist. Another boys name, Rahui comes from the Tarahumara indigenous community in Northern Mexico and means day.. It means lily. Sebastian Vettel is a German Formula One World Champion. Coming from the Italian and Spanish cultures, the name is a variation of Gerard. Diego. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Name - LANDA Meaning - OF THE VIRGIN MARY Name - LEGARRE Meaning - OF THE VIRGIN MARY Name - LEOCADIA Meaning - BRIGHT Name - LEONOR Meaning - FOREIGN Name - LETA Meaning - WINGED 31. 53. Santos. 124. The name that was made eternally popular in the Archie Comic series is originally a Latin form of the name Berenice. Heloise is a renowned warrior, an apt name for your warrior princess. 122. Isabel. Madison and Holly. In addition to Lucia and Sofia, baby girl names . Abelardo Fernandez is a former Spanish football player. Cedro. Ximena. 139. Another Mayan name, Iktan means clever and is a unisex name. This is the Spanish version of Elizabeth. Coming from the Aramaic culture, the name is also a biblical one and means a twin. 150. The Spanish form of Herman, this strong name means army man., 23. It means the one who rules the home, and your girl sure rules your heart and home. If the latter, Mara means beloved and Teresa means summer or to harvest.. Popular girl names in Spain include Lucia also a favorite throughout Latin America Maria, Martina, and Paula. Martha. It comes from Latin and is another variation of the names Amato and Amator. Pronounced bee-SEHN-teh and as the Latin form of Vincent, this name has the interesting meanings of to conquer or prevailing.. If you decide on calling your baby Abundio, you could probably use Abun as a nickname. Baby Wipes Recall 2022: Affected Brands & Toxic Products, Similac Pro-Sensitive Vs. Similac Sensitive, Similac Pro-Sensitive Vs. 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No . A fantastic name for your little sunshine. It is the feminine version for Patrick. Ral. If you think of your daughter as the most precious person in your life, then you may like this name. It is a biblical name from the New Testament. It is a cute name of Spanish descent and means the one who is strong and manly. The name means who is like God. Fabiano Caruana is an American world renowned chess champion. It means devoted to God and is the shortened form of Elisabeth. Polo. An apt name for your innocent little angel. 133. Many parents in the US choose Hispanic or Latina spellings of common English names because they think these are elegant. It isSpanish version of John. It is also another form of the name Xavier. It means one who is happy and rich, belonging to nobility. 36. So, its not surprising that the characters in these shows also became popular names. Catalina. Spin it to Sancia for a poetic twist. This English name means worthy of praise. A variant spelling of Mireia, this name relates to the French moniker Mireille, meaning to admire. In Mexico and many Latin American countries, its typically pronounced mee-REYJ-ah. Try these out-of-the-box solutions for soothing your crying baby! It is believed to be a shorter version of the name Santiago. With Latin origins, this elegant name means wood or forest, so its the perfect nature-inspired baby name! Its derived from a Greek word meaning "peace.". The name refers to the Roman God of war and also means one who is brave and fearless and can lead the people to war. The name is also popular for American actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. Another Mayan name for a girl, Yatzil means loved one.. It can be used both as first and middle names. As a boys name meaning god of wind, Heda is from Mexicos central plateau and the Otomi indigenous community. This sweet Mexican girls name rolls smoothly off the tongue and means star. This Hispanic moniker may be derived from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars, so it could mean warring or simply male.. Meaning solitude in Spanish, this unique Mexican girls name is another title for the Virgin Mary, Mara de Soledad, meaning "Mary of Solitude." Belicia. Alexander The Great was a king in the ancient Greek kingdom. Julieta sounds so very romantic. Malena is one of the many variants of the name Magdalene. The name is extremely popular in various cultures such as the English, Danish, Irish, Portuguese, Swedish and Norwegian. Yoana is a name with Spanish origin and means Gods gift. It is Latin for honor and victory. The meaning may be summer from the Greek language, or to harvest. Some also think it means saints name. Its pronounced teh-REH-sah. The name has its origins in the Greek, Latin as well as French cultures, and means black. Twist it to Inez for extra zing to already poetic name. The name means pious or righteous and reverent. The name is used widely in the Portuguese and Spanish cultures and means the one who is a powerful or great leader. It's pronounced SAH-rah. The name refers to the phrases my God is bountiful, Gods promise, and devoted to God.. Julina is a beautiful variation. Ursulina is a unique spin on traditional Ursula. Mario. Coming from the Hebrew culture, it refers to the phrase God is my strong man. As per the Hebrew culture, Gabriel was one of the seven archangels. This name comes Spanish cultures and means the son of Adam and Eve. All rights reserved. Aguirre The names might be traditional or unique. 17. Ainara. The shortened form of Alexandra also means defender of mankind and has a second meaning, help.. It comes from the Aramaic name marta, which meant a lady or mistress. A form of the name Ferdinand, this lyrical Hispanic name means adventurer or brave voyager., 28. Tanok means sun., 149. Perfect for baby who is a beautiful part of your life. 48. 115. This boys name comes from the Tepehuano indigenous community found in several parts of Mexico, though mostly in the northern and western regions. Silvia is a fantastic female version of the Roman name Silvius. Sara. A charming and delicate name for your little girl. Meaning twin, this name is the Spanish form of Thomas. Alexa. This bold name means prosperous guardian, and is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the English name Edward. Sergio. The name means summer. 12. The unique name means bright or splendid. Eduardo Vargas is a footballer of Chilean descent. It was derived from the word aemulus, which means a rival. Coming from the Celtic and Gaelic origins, the name was used to refer to the one who belongs to Ireland. The name comes as a derivation from the Latin word Luna which means the moon. It means the one who comes from Lucania, a place in southern Italy. The name means the one who reaps. Mexican Names for Girls Starting with E. Hey, Congratulations for your Newborn. Its pronounced AHNG-hehl. The name is popular in various cultures, such as the Spanish, American, Portuguese, Italian, and German. Seirra is the name of the mountain range of Aitana and means strong. The name is thought to mean long-haired and is pronounced SEH-sahr. Coming from German, it means graceful and ready to go to battle. A soft-sounding name, it means rose and is just as classic as the fragrant flower. Ynez: Are you looking for a religious yet trendy name? A name that is popular across all cultures, in Mexican culture it means the angel too. Melany and Melania are the popular variants of this name. Family Education is part of the Sandbox Learning family of educational reference sites for parents, teachers, and students. It means God is gracious. Call her Juana at home. 45. The name is the Spanish variation of the name Louis. A lot of thinking goes into deciding the right name for your little bundle of joy. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on 106. The name means one who hears. Also, we have no concept for last name. 88. Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym used by a popular Italian novelist. Mexican girl names often end with an "a," while boy names end with an "o." Boy names are added with an "a" to turn them into a girl name. It is the Latin version Valentinus which means brave and strong. Mexican baby names are unique and attractive. Myra is the extraordinary one; she is the one who has to be admired. 3. Another fairly common Mexican boys name, this solid moniker means rock or stone. Its the Spanish and Portuguese form of Peter and is derived from Greek. Maite is a name that originated in the Basque culture and means the one who is loved dearly. Popular in both the Latin as well as Italian cultures, the name means the one who will have a good fate. It is also a variation of the name Nicholas. 2. It is the Spanish version of the name Blaise, which means stuttering. Unique and Beautiful Mexican Girl Names. 33. Rosa Mendes is a Canadian wrestler. Julie makes a cute nickname for your baby girl. Located in North America, bordering the US, Guatemala, and Belize, Mexico is of the largest countries in the world. Popularity: Anahi is a very rare name, not found in the top 1000 names in the USA. 77. Henriqua is a traditional choice of name. Xiomy makes a lovely nickname for your warrior princess. This simple and sweet Hispanic girl name comes from Hebrew and means lady or princess. As a Mexican girl name, its had its ups and downs in terms of popularity but is currently trending in the United States. The Hebrew origin name refers to the phrase God has healed. Rafael Nadal Parera is a Spanish tennis player who ranks amongst the top tennis players in the world. It means the one who starts the rebellion. Viki is a perfect nickname for your little princess. Coming from the Greek culture, it means the one who is the defender of mankind. 113. Famous Mexican actresses, singers, and professionals are great inspiration for little girl names because they come with big personalities and expectations. Like the male name Luis, this traditional moniker is the Spanish form of Louis, but also its feminine form. No one popularized the name as much as Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales and the first wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales. It means he who has heard. your doctor. The meaning of this evocative name is dark. The name is the feminine form of Adrian, which was the moniker of six popes and several saints. Xiomara: Girls today need to be fighters. Traditionally a boys name, Sneca means spring, as in a source of water. It also has biblical connotations. Guadalupe has been topping the chart as the most favoured name for babies, both boys and girls. A name with Latin origins, Elvio means fair or blonde.. Adelita is a strong name that means noble and kind. Raul Julia was an actor of Puerto Rican descent, and Raul Meireles is a Portuguese footballer. Madison and Kendall. It is the feminine version of the male name Francis, and comes from Spanish and Portuguese cultures. We've compiled the most popular and meaningful Mexican girl names today. Florencia is a traditional name with Spanish roots. Ximena is a Spanish-origin girls name as wonderful as its meaning. She later became the wife of Aneas, who was touted as the hero of the Trojan war. Karmen is inspired by Spanish orchard or the fruit garden. It originates from Latin and is pronounced leh-TEES-syah. Zita is a name of Greek origin and means seeker. This name coming from Spanish and meaning with "bitter sun". 72. Alicia. Vicente. In this community, the name Citlali means star and is typically given to a girl. Luis. Joshua Jackson is a Canadian actor. Ignacio. Irene. Whether you love the look or the sound of a J name for girls, ther, 100+ Cute and Unique Girl Names That Start With S, Deciding on the right name for your girl can be difficult with so many options to choose from. It means peace. Camila is one of the top baby names in California for girls. Tanok. This Spanish name is especially a favorite in Argentina. As a bonus, many offer options for unisex baby names. No Mexican will ever state her middle name or even understand what middle name means. If youre considering a traditional Hispanic name for your baby, weve compiled an extensive list of the most popular Mexican baby names and other favorite monikers found in Mexico. Another variation of the name is Calvino. Toms. Yomaris a rare and unique name and is associated with the sun, the giver of light and supporter of life. In the Greek culture, it is taken as a combination of two words, alexein (which means to help or defend), and andros (which means man) and hence means one who is a helper or defender of mankind. 56. Luisa Moraes is a Brazilian actress while Luisa Lopilato is an Argentinian actress. It means wise one or the protector. The name is popular in English, Mexican, Scottish, and French cultures and is another form of Hektor. Sneca. A Latin form of Alice, this playful name might have origins in a Germanic moniker meaning noble or a Greek name meaning truth. In Mexico and other Hispanic and Latin American countries, its pronounced ah-LEE-syah. If you like the name Francisco from above but want a cute variation, try Pancho, the Spanish diminutive of the name Francisco. It is an Italian name which means one who is white and shining bright. 29. Sounds so very romantic, isnt it? Some popular ones include Pedro, Fernando, Marco, Andres, and Valentino. This exotic sounding Spanish origin name means the one who is a gift of God. alone. Pronounced hee-MEH-nah in Mexico, this is the feminine form of Ximeno, which means son. But it could also come from the name Simon, meaning he has heard.. This girls moniker is also a Purpecha name, and it simply means pretty.. Adelita - means 'noble'. It stands for a gift from God and belongs to Hebrew. 1. If youre looking for names for you little nia, below are the top 10 Mexican girl names in 2020. Hasen. It means little and feminine. 89. Teodora is feminine of Theodor and means gift of God, which your little one surely is. It is also another variation of hyacinth. Samuel Beckett is a renowned Irish novelist and poet. It is a unique and uncommon name for your priceless princess. Pronounced pahs-KWAHL, this moniker originates from the name Pascal, which comes from a Latin name meaning relating to Easter. In many languages and cultures, the word for Easter is spelled similarly, such as Pascua/Pasqua in Spanish/Italian, Pska in Icelandic, Pques in French, and the word (pronounced Paskha) in Russian. Your partner in parenting from baby name inspiration to college planning. 38. Derived from the masculine name Gabriel, this name has roots in Hebrew. Esme will be a cool nickname for her. It means emerald the bright green gem. 78. An apt name for your royal and noble princess who will rule the world one day. A lovely choice for your angel from the heavens above. If you are from this place or inspired by its culture and heritage, you may want to choose Mexican baby names for your little one. 1. It means help and sounds so very pretty. Aitana. Valentina comes from the word Valentia. Infographic: Popular Mexican Names For Boys And Girls Beaches, tequila, tacos- these are the things that would come to everyone's mind when they hear about Mexico. In Spanish, the name Berto means intelligent. While many feel it is a shorter version of the name Santiago, it is the Latin variation of the word Didacus. 11. Either way, its a pretty name. Hispanic and Latina names are related to cultures with roots in countries like Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Portugal, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, and other Central and South American places. Perfect name for your shining one. Violeta Parra was a Chilean artist and performer. 46. Meaning strong and manly, this name is the Spanish form of the name Charles. 75. The English name means one who is from the woods of 5throyal forest. Many parents in the US and Latin America look for names that bridge the cultures. As the feminine form of Julian and Julius, the name relates to the Roman god Jupiter, and is quite a common Mexican girls name. It also originated in the Spanish culture and means the one who will have abundance and prosperity in life. Taken from the Latin word palumbus, it means dove. Olivia. 130. Fernando. Just as youll find boy names in Mexico with sweet meanings and sounds, youll also find plenty of cute Mexican girl names (and other Latin American names or those found in Mexico). 19. Dulsie. It is a shorter variation of the name Candelaria and means candle. This beautiful name refers to Our Lady of Guadalupe, a venerated image of Mary in Mexico City. 111. Being the feminine version of the name Gabriel, it comes from the Hebrew word Gavhriel, which refers to the phrase God is my strength. The name is widely used in various cultures, such as Portuguese, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovak, Spanish, Romanian, and Polish. It means a bean farmer. It means behold, a son in Hebrew. Considered as a feminine version of the male name Michael, it comes from the Spanish and Portuguese culture. Heda. Cortez. Just as the name suggests, Violeta refers to the color violet. From both Spanish and Italian, this historic name is thought to mean servant. In Latin America, its typically pronounced SEHR-hyoh. Ciri comes from Cyrilla; it means lordly, and proud. While these names might not be popular now, you could give any of them a comeback. Maria. Marisol. aldomurillo / iStock via Getty Images Rare Mexican Girl Names The Hebrew name is a feminine version of Ivan and means a gift from God. Its thought to mean priceless or flourishing., 83. Answer (1 of 6): Mexican here. It means an altar to heaven. Isabella is a variation of the popular name Elizabeth. Arshi Ahmed did her graduation from Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata, and post graduation in English from Lovely Professional University. Loise is a perfect nickname for her. Its pronounced SAH-rah. Rosa. It is also thought to be a variant of the English name Castle. The name was first used in a literary context by William Shakespeare in his work Twelfth Night. It is also the feminine variation of the name Juan, which is the Spanish equivalent of the name John. Arturo Vidal is a footballer of Chilean descent, while Arturo Gatti was a boxer of Italian and Canadian origins. 2010-2023 For your love for flowers, name your little bud Liliana, which means lily. The name with Spanish origin symbolizes the beautiful season of spring. The Spanish origin name is also a variant or shorter variation of the name Barnaby. The same was also derived from the Greek name for teaching, which was didache. Adding ita, ito or itito to regular names makes it sound very Mexican. They are the popular namesakes. Reina comes from Regina. Araceli. It either relates to the Latin word almus meaning nourishing or the Spanish word for the soul. However, its also a Hebrew word meaning young woman., 81. 74. In Spanish the meaning of this name is noble. Elizabeth means "pledged to God" from the Hebrew. Marisol. Julian Draxler is a German footballer. The name is typically used for boys and means sea., 143. Gauri Ratnam completed her Masters in English Literature from the University of Pune. Give it a sweet twist with unconventional Anica or Anitia. Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. It means a collection or group. It means one who is brave. May she receive everything she desires. Fernando Torres, a Spanish football player and Fernando Alonso, a Spanish Formula One racing driver are the famous namesakes. If you are enchanted by the thought of giving baby a Mexican name, start by exploring our list of Mexican baby girl names and baby boy names. We hope this list of popular, cute, and unique Mexican baby names (and other adorable names found in Mexico and across Latin America) has helped you in your search for you little ones perfect moniker. Isabel. Linda means pretty one. Fernanda. There are many rare and unique names, so the rarest girl names can easily change. Hector Bellerin is a footballer from Spain. Bernardo Silva is a Portuguese football player, while Bernardo Bertolucci is an Italian film director. Pronounced MIE-teh, this name either means lovable or is a unique combination of the names Mara and Teresa. Pronounced gee-YEHR-moh, this powerful name means resolute protector and is the Spanish form of William. 57. As both a common Mexican boys name as Andrs, and an English name as Andrew, this moniker means masculine or manly. Its pronounced ahn-DREHS with a trilled R. 102. From the Late Latin name meaning savior, this name is a classic in Latin American culture but has become less commonly used in recent years. Mateo. All rights reserved. The name originated from the Italian culture and is a variation of the name Bianco. Pronounced LWEES, this Spanish boys name comes from the moniker Louis, which is rooted in French royal history and means famous warrior.. In fact, the most popular name for girls in Mexico is Maria Guadalupe. It is an Old Roman family name which is also used as a first name. Pronounced ah-MAH-lyah, this is the Latin version of the German name Amala. Derived from the Greek word meaning messenger, this popular Mexican boys name refers to the heavenly beings from the Bible. Alma. Francisco. It means the one who is born free and is noble. Spanish Middle Names for Camila There many Mexican middle names that you can get from Camila. Coming from Greek origins, this traditional Hispanic name means to save or salvation. Its pronounced heh-SOOS. Little Izzy will shine everywhere she goes. Hello, I'm Evan, I have been working with writing for over eight years.I provide Parenting Tips, Baby Names, Mother's Love, Crafting Ideas For Kids, etc. Aitana Sanchez Gijon is a Spanish actress. 52. Csar. Pronounced HWAH-nah, this is the Spanish form of Joanna and the feminine version of Juan. Description: It's the feminine version of "Andrew.". The name is also popular in Italian, French, Greek, and Roman cultures. The name is commonly used in Spanish, German, and French speaking cultures. It is the feminine version of the name Joseph and comes from the German language. Frida means peace. 142. As the Spanish form of Ignatius, the name comes from the Latin word ignis, meaning fire. Its pronounced eeg-NAH-syoh. Erasmo means beloved. Elmo is another derivative of the name, but more popular in Italy. Amanda Bynes, Amanda Seyfried, and Amanda Peet are American actresses who share the name. Alvaro Morata and Alvaro Negredo, the namesakes, are both Spanish footballers. Andrs. While its origins are unknown, the name means as strong as a mountain. 18. Guadalupe. 11. The culture has many ties to other cultures, and you will hear not only traditional Tagalog n, 90+ Spanish Last Names From Traditional to Uncommon, Spanish last names are commonly heard around the globe. Its a traditional name with roots in the Hebrew language and means beloved.. It is widely popular in the English, German, Portuguese, Slovak, as well as Spanish cultures. Michele is a mom and aunt that has 15 years experience in children's programming coordinating daily activities, lesson planning, and leading lessons for infants. 123. Even if you dont choose a popular girls name, these names can still be a source of inspiration! The Spanish name means little or tiny. It means "glory.". 5. The name Irene is extremely popular and means peace. Meaning violet, this inspiring moniker is from the medieval French name Yolande. 141. These tips will help get your baby back to sleep so that you can get some much-needed shut-eye! The name Clara (pronounced KLAH-rah) is the feminine and Latin form of the name Clarus, which means clear, bright or famous., 120. It means good health. A name with the cute pronunciation of eyoo-HEH-nyoh, this name is the Spanish form of Eugene, which means well born.. Micaela Ramazzotti is an Italian actress. It means lively or full of life. 112. Gerardo. In English and Greek cultures it means royal. Rico. Coming from the name Margaret, Margarita has a Spanish meaning of daisy flower and a Latin meaning of pearl., 125. Desiree is another variation with the same meaning and sounds exotic. Jaime. Susana or Suelita are sweet variations for little Suzie. Miguel Ferrer is an American actor. List Of Popular Mexican Surnames Or Last Names 1. It means grace or sweet-faced. It means the one who is handsome. While it originated in Hebrew and African cultures, the name is very popular in Mexico. In Spanish, la reina means the queen, so this is the perfect moniker if youre looking for royal baby names! The name has a sweet pronunciation but the strong meaning of work., 82. It means liberated and free. It means defender of mankind. 55. 39. Juana. 131. 37. This strong name means ruler of an estate and is the Spanish form of Henry. For more baby name inspiration check out these popular baby name lists: Elisa is a well-known parenting writer. 16. 8. It means one who will rule with the spear. 117. Rita is short for Margarita and means pear in Spanish. She surely makes every day worthwhile with her smile. Josefina. It is another variation of the name Abun, albeit a longer one. The name comes from the Italian culture and is another variation of the name Alfonso. Enfamil and Similac both Overview Did you know that 95% of baby food products contain harmful chemicals and toxic metals -- and many are Overview Are you searching for a hands-free wearable breast pump for your breastfeeding needs so you can pump even if Self-Care Rituals & Self-Love Practices To Support You & Your Family. Baby Food Recall 2022: Are There Harmful Chemicals & Toxic Metals In Your Babys Food? Of all the old-fashioned boy names, is the Spanish form of the name Reuben might be the cutest! The Spanish and Portuguese name means one who is full of light. Although Ainara has Basque origins and is a variant of the name Enara, its still used in other places outside of the Basque region, including Mexico and the United States. This playful name is derived from Julius and means youth. Its pronounced HOO-lyoh. It means woman from Magadala. It is a Spanish name which is thought to be a shorter version of Dolores. Below youll find even more Latin American and Mexican boy names with cute sounds and meanings. It means the son of the right hand. One of the popular Mexican boy names of all times, it is pronounced with a silent J as ho-sey. Check out what's popular in Mexico and old Mexican nam, 130+ Common Filipino and Tagalog Baby Names, Filipino baby names are a beautiful and unique way to keep alive the rich tradition of the Philippines. Baby-Led Weaning Guide for a Stress-Free Start to Solid Food. Common Mexican girl names include Maria, Camila, Guadalupe, and Elena, though there are hundreds of beautiful Mexican girl names. Veronica Roth is the much-loved author of the Young Adult trilogy Divergent. Daniela is a worldly name meaning God is my judge. Kemena originates from Spanish culture. It is originally a Hebrew name which is derived from Mikhael and means one who is like God. In the Hebrew tradition, it means a father or a grandfather. It was also used to refer to someone who belonged to France. Carmen - means 'song' or 'vineyard'. From the Mayan Huasteco community, the name Anam means Earth. Its typically used for girls. The name means the one who comes from the Adriatic sea region. Juana becomes Juanita, while Bonnie becomes Bonita. Its rooted in the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva and is typically pronounced eh-LEES-ah in Mexico and other Latin American and Hispanic countries. 69. It is derived from two different Gaelic words os, which means dear, and cara, which means a friend and thus, means a dear friend. Miranda Kerr is an Australian model while Miranda Cosgrove is an American singer and actress. Irma is a charming girls name meaning world. If you like the name Dulce, meaning sweet, you could choose to spell it Dulsie for a unique spin on this adorable moniker. It also means the one who is full of youth. Sofia means wise or wisdom, a traditional choice for your chiqa. It comes from the Mayo (Yoeme) indigenous community in the state of Sonora where youll find the Mayo River. Jacinth is also a precious stone. Meaning strong ruler, Ricard is the Spanish version of Richard and is pronounced rree-KAHR-doh. It is the Spanish and Portuguese variation of the name Ramirus, which comes from the Germanic words ragin, meaning advice, and meri, meaning famous. Twist it to Leah, Lya, Lea or Leia. Angelina. It is also a biblical name which means the one who pardons. Same meaning many variations. A name fromLatin culture, it is derivation from the word mirandus, which means admired. It means one who loves. Call her Romi or Roma at home. It means the brave and fearless and protector of mankind. It means God will add. This pretty name is a feminine variation of the masculine Paul. Pablo is the Spanish version of the name Paul and means small. Bonita - means 'pretty one'. It refers to the person who lived in a region called Aguilar. Make it easier on yourself by narrowing it down to names that start with a particular letter that you, 10 Ways to Help Your Baby Through Sleep Regressions. Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor who is best known for his portrayal of the character Harry Potter, while Daniel Craig is an English actor, who has, amongst other characters, played the famous James Bond. From a German word that means whole or universe, this moniker is related to the English name Emma and is pronounced EER-mah. Its pronounced feh-LEE-peh. Abel is one of the protagonists in the internationally acclaimed novel Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer. But, if still in doubt, consider enlisting the help of your family and friends by hosting a fun baby naming party. As the Spanish version of Darius, this name has Persian origins and means possessing goodness.. Bruno Mars is an American singer and musician. It means flowering or blooming. Lan is the bringer of peace, the one who gives hope. The name has Spanish and Portuguese origins. Chiqa and Mija are cute, fashionable and sweet Mexican female names. Armando. Choosing amazing baby girl names with Mexican ties is easy when you look at names of Mexican women throughout history. Rodrigo Santoro is a Brazilian actor. 6. This cute Mexican name means noble and kind. 68. Spell it as Ezmeralda, and add that exotic zing to her name. The name is a Spanish variation of Jerome and means saved. Chiqa and Mija are cute, fashionable and sweet Mexican female names. When you buy through links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission. It is often clubbed with another name to make it sound sweeter like Dulce Maria or Dulce Eva. Its pronounced yoh-LAHN-dah. It is a more modern version of the medieval French name Yolande. It originally comes from the Spanish and Portuguese cultures and is the variation of the name Francis. Palita, Palometa, Palomina are some of the variations fSonsor the same name. 71. 107. Aracely. It means gracious or Gods gift.. It was used to refer to someone who belonged to France and also stands for a free person. It means valley of the wolf. Nana is a cute and sweet name for your baby. Mexican Girl Names That Start With A Abril Meaning: April Description: It also means "to open." Adelita Meaning: Noble and kind Description: It also means "little Adele." Adoncia Meaning: Sweet Adriana Meaning: Dark Description: It's the female form of "Adrian." Aldona Meaning: Wise Description: It can also mean "noble." Altagracia Silvia Colloca and Silvia Rossi are both Italian actresses. In their language, the unisex name Erendirani means happy.. The Nahuas make up Mexicos largest indigenous community and the second largest in El Salvador. Every daughter is her parents beautiful bloom, right? It also means free or Frenchman.. Alondra is a popular Mexican girl name for families with Hispanic heritage. 1. This unique Mexican boys name is the Spanish version of Erasmus. Juana becomes Juanita, while Bonnie becomes Bonita. The meaning of the name is forest. As the short form of Ricardo or Enrico, Rico (pronounced RREE-koh) can mean brave ruler like the name Richard or home ruler like the name Henry. Mexican names are influenced by the country's diverse culture and languages. It refers to the jasmine flower. Trella is a star or constellation. It is a Spanish name for a bright raven. This name is traditional in several major religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This beautiful name is a feminine version of the male name Joseph. As a Mexican girl name, it's had its ups and downs in terms of popularity but is currently trending in the United States. This bright name is a Spanish feminine form of Ferdinand. Both originate from the German moniker Karl, which means man., 121. If you want a powerful Mexican name for your little girl, take a look at Mayan goddesses or Aztec goddesses. Myrilla is a variation that sounds poetic as well. 64. Antonia - means 'priceless'. Felipe. The Spanish version of Sebastian, this name is pronounced seh-bahs-TYAHN and has two potential meanings. Spelled the same in its English counterpart, in Mexico, Juliana is pronounced hoo-LYAH-nah. Ramona is a name with Spanish and ancient Greek origins. Another unisex name, Hasen means soul and comes from the Mazateco indigenous community in northern Oaxaca. Lupe. It is the feminine version of the French name Michael and stands for like God. It is another variation of the name Ralph and it stands for wolf counsel. It is a popular name across cultures. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with The name has a unique rhythm to it and means small river. Esteban Granero is a Spanish footballer. Juliana. Antonio. Caesar was a Roman general who is known for his role in the collapse of the Roman Republic and the origin of the Roman Empire. Carmen. In Roman myth, Camilla was a swift-footed huntress so fast she could run over a field without bending a blade of grass. The name is shared by Carlos Santana, the Mexican and American musician who is a world renowned guitarist and performer. These names are currently less popular but have beautiful pronunciations or boast interesting meanings. Juana is a cute and quintessential Spanish name meaning God is gracious. Name her Osane if you prefer a poetic twist. Though every name is beautiful, some commonly chosen Mexican girl names are Rosa, Veronica, Isabel, Olivia, and Ana. A precious name for your treasure. Due to Mexicos rich and diverse culture, you can pick names of different origins from one single list. Francisca. Pronounced ah-rah-SEH-lee, this unique Hispanic baby name means altar of heaven or altar of the sky and has roots in Latin. Felicita finds its origins in Spanish culture. Estelle has Latin, French and Occitan origins. Here are some unique names. It was and still remains the most popular name amongst royalty, with Queen Elizabeth II being the current Queen of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. It is derived from the word taoma. This beautiful name originated in Spanish culture and means blessed. Seina means innocent. This graceful name is a form of Anna and pronounced AH-nah. Bey-LIY-Siy-aa. 44. Twist it to Florence for your little flower. Mexican girl names have become popular even in non-Hispanic places, thanks to world-famous Mexican telenovelas (TV soap operas). Maite. 2023 LoveToKnow Media. This cute and quintessential girls name may encourage your daughter to enjoy the outdoors. If you find Mora too short, call her Morina or Morella. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Name - ADALINA Meaning - LITTLE NOBLE Name - ADELAIDA Meaning - NOBLE SORT Name - ADELINA The term Abracadabra, used worldwide by magicians and illusionists, was derived from Abraxas. It means treasure. If you are searching for Cute Mexican Girl Names, you are in the right place. Querida means beloved. Vanessa Williams is an American actor and singer. It means born near the sea or influenced by the sea. Popular Baby Girl Names: Sofia Alejandra Francisca Margarita Adriana Popular Baby Boy Names: Jose Javier Juan Manuel Miguel There you have it - 100 middle names for Madison, different ways to spell Madison, and brother and sister name for Madison. It means the oath of God, and God is satisfaction. 101. So choose one name that reflects your love for Mexico that they will love to show off. It either means from Sebaste, an ancient town in modern-day Turkey, or relates to the Greek word for venerable.. 104. Yet another variation of the name is Bonifaco. should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. The former means beloved and the latter grace., 126. Faustina means lucky. Pope Franciss real name outside the papacy is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. David Beckham is an English footballer while David Villa is a footballer from Spain. A lovey-dovey name for your princess. Sergio Aguero is an Argentinian footballer. It means star, and your little one surely is the brightest star. Add it to most names for a sweet twist like Amelia, Adalia, Natalia, Rosalia and more. Arcilla is your own treasure, the alter of heaven that makes your life a paradise right here. It originates from a Germanic name and is pronounced RROH-sah with a trilled R in many Latin American and Hispanic countries. 80. We also have articles on Japanese girl names and Italian boy names! Being the Spanish version of Maurice, it means staying on the moor and dark complexioned. As the name suggests, it is a combination of two different names, Maria, which is a form of the Mother Mary, and Angel. 1039 Spanish Baby Girl Names With Meanings. 18. In the African tradition, it means the one who is born on Thursday. Mireya. Our List of Most Common Mexican Names with meanings will help you to sort out your ideas for selecting a perfect one. Javier. Cute choice of name for your jewel. 99. 91. It is a Swedish name which means the one who comes from the tower or the woman who is from Magdalene. Anika Nilles is a German performer. In Spain and Chile as well as Mexico, Olivia is a popular Spanish girls name. Many Mexican name origins relate to religion, patron saints and historical figures. Zurine is such a beautiful name. Gabriela Sabatini is a former Argentinian tennis player who ranked high in world ratings. It refers to Saint James who is the patron saint of Spain. It also means fair, white, counsellor or adviser, every trait you want in your little girl. This graceful and simple name means help and is typically pronounced ah-EED-ah. Although it doesnt mean hug, it does have a very sweet meaning as heart, mind, and spirit.. If you are searching for Baby Girl Mexican Names, you are in the right place. It is like music to the ears. Similar to the word belle, this name means beautiful girl or woman. Consuela. The ita added makes it entirely Mexican. As is very obvious from the name, Gloria means one who brings glory. Your princess as white as snow? For example, the actress Thala starred in leading roles in Rosalinda, Mara Mercedes, Mara la del Barrio, and Marimar., These Mexican TV shows were aired worldwide, dubbed in different languages, or aired as remakes. Tcito. Anika is the name with Hausa origin. The meaning of the name is pure. It is Spanish for famous ruler. It is another variation of the name Augustinus. Pedro. Simon was the name of one of the men in the bible who carried the cross for Jesus. Another girls name, Bimor means fog and comes from the Tarahumara community, also known as Rarmuri. 8. Adriana Lima is a Brazilian actress while Adriana Grande is an American singer. It isGerman for brown in complexion, and is derived from the word brun. The name with Latin origin means strong or healthy. The name comes from the Roman culture and was possibly derived from the Latin word caesaries. It is also used as a surname. These are some famous names, and we wish you all the happiness you deserve with your bundle of joy. It is a Spanish version of the name Baptiste and is used as a reference to John the Baptist. This simple and classic name is a strong and traditional one that means gracious or merciful. Its a form of the English name John. Madison and Tahlia. Santino Marella is a Canadian actor while Santino Fontana is an American actor. 41. 130 Adorable Mexican Baby Girl Names With Meanings, Coronavirus: If Youre Pregnant, Heres How You Can Prepare and Stay Safe, 170 Baby Boy & Girl Name That Mean 'Gift from God', 600+ Unique & Cute Nicknames for Boys & Girls, 10 Essentials to Make Life for Your Newborn Easier, How to Protect Your Baby's Skin From Winter's Impact, Meningococcal Disease Protection for Children With Travel Exposures. While it may sound like a Mexican name, it is originally an English name, which comes from Eadweard. Gloria in Spanish means glory. A name can shape your destiny. 100. Our List of Mexican Female Name with meanings will help you to sort out your ideas for selecting a perfect one. Bianca. Francisco Franco was a former Prime Minister of Spain, while Francisco Goya is one of the most important Spanish painters of all times, who was active during the late 18thand early 19thcentury. It comes from Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish origins and means God shall add. Its pronounced ahng-heh-LEE-nah. It is Spanish for fertile. It is American in origin and means small. Catalina is an elegant name popular among Mexicans. Oscar Wilde was a popular Irish novelist and poet. To add to your surprise, there are 68 official languages recognized in Mexico. There are also plenty of unique Mexican girl names, as well as other rare Latin American girls names that are used in Mexico. This whimsical name means moon and is derived from Latin. Its pronounced OHS-kahr. Read More: 101 Unique Baby Girl Names that Start with B. Another staple in Mexico, David is pronounced DAH-beed in many Latin American countries. 40. 85. Longer Mexican girl names often have a beautiful sound no matter how you pronounce them. The blessing in your life. This heavenly Hispanic name means angel and is the feminine form of the Latin name Angelus. Modern Mexican women are also starting to make waves in politics, so those female leaders could give you great naming inspiration too. Guadalupe is a Spanish name that has become so common in Mexico that around 800,000 people were registered under this name in the Mexican National People Registry database between 1930 and 2008. Coming from Latin, the name means one who is from the woods. Choosing the right name may take many discussions and arguments. Madison and Serena. It stands for guardian in Spanish. Vernica. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is the daughter of the Prince of Monaco. 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