ex unfriended me during no contact

She told me she would manage her time for me. But also talked about how he should have made more effort. To start with a little bit of hope to cling to, rest assured that dumpers dont just forget dumpees. I have thought he is worth waiting for. Try to behave in line with confidence and high moral values as your ex doesnt want to see that youre broken-hearted and uncertain about your abilities and worth as a person. He has an avoidant attachment style and has difficulty expressing his emotions. Your job as a dumpee, therefore, is to allow your ex to relieve pressure, anger, or guilt and enjoy life without interruptions and reminders of you. This means your ex will think about you more during no contact if things dont go according to plan. A week after i broke up with her, i started to miss her. He blocked me and It took about 3 weeks before i contacted him and we started talking. They cant break out of the downward spiral, so ending them is the only way to outgrow them. Does your ex boyfriend even need to contact you during NC for you to be able to get him back? If your ex fails on his or her quest to find happiness, your ex will be forced to self-reflect and may even return to you. Fourth, Over Analyzing. Lets assume your ex dumper is tired, angry, disappointed and glad you are gone. Your ex is happy with the way things are, so he or she simply doesn't need to contact you and discuss unimportant things. I think he follows my posts but never reaches out. She stopped for a while and started to gave time for me. It helped me ^^ Why do you think I want you to be the one to make the first move no matter what? They will sit around and say, Hes going to have to text ME first if he wants a date with me.. Hence I feel that no-contact is more successful at helping the dumpee heal, but is less successful at helping the dumpee get the dumper back. Ive not contacted her since she didnt reply to that message and that was 5 days ago, I dont know how long to leave it, 30 days seems abit too long seeing as we were only together 2 and half months? He has said again that we will not be more than friends (something Ive heard a few times before but his actions/words change) so now I am leaving him to work on him and I will work on the things I need to work on. GIPHY. So you and him still share the same circles of mutual friends and acquaintances. Going no contact is particularly useful after a relationship's breakup, especially if you were the one who was dumped or betrayed. I have tried to walk at his speed, as it is fine for me. It doesnt matter if he blew your phone up with text messages during NC or if he completely ignored you as you were ignoring him. As a matter of fact, your ex will remember you when the new person reminds him/her of you or when your ex does something he or she did with you. So I started dating a few days before we went to lockdown again and its been like that for 3 months now and we havent been able to see each other cause we live far apart, we met in university. It had never even bothered me before as I always think its the past who cares, I do think though where Ive been sitting indoors on lockdown all day these things have got to me as sitting about all day with nothing to do and I live alone so was thinking about stuff Id never usually think about. Thank you so much That Friday 5 days after the argument she sent me some messages in the evening, we were speaking until 2am, she told me she had started online therapy and it was for 15 days she told me she felt she was missing the chance of her life with me she couldnt imagine life without me and she needs me in her life, I felt happy she had told me these things and thought we were going to sort it out between us. Such people probably dont remember that one person they hooked up with once. What often happens when people hold their feelings in? My point is that you never know when he could contact you. It just means that with some guys you are going to have to be the one to make the first step. A few months ago I got a message from a woman whose ex hadnt contacted her during her no contact period. For that one silly argument she wants to end it!! No contact is the best and only option for most dumpees especially right after the break-up. She will think about you more when you dont think about her. And also look into different living situations so you are not living together long term while broken up. This victimized role he is going to place himself in is going to cause him to want revenge on you in some way shape or form. When everyone had gone me and her were downstairs, her brother mum and daughter had gone to sleep. No Contact Rule is equal to leaving your ex-partner alone for some time (i.e a few days, some weeks, 30 days, 45+) or giving your ex some space that provokes his/her thoughts regarding your relationship. Men are expected to make the first move, pay for dates, text first, etc, etc (you get the idea.) Keeping you, and their feelings, at a distance serves them. This time she didnt want to accept it with me or anyone that would tell her fuck you. But then again, you dont want your ex to think about you in a bad light. I have blocked and removed her family & friends from all my social media, but I still have a few friends who show me her things about her over posting just how fun she is having. Her family loved me as well and they told me they will miss me even though I will run into them from time to time. I dont know if many of you know this but this website wasnt actually supposed to be a blog. I think too many women are conditioned by society to think that making the first move on a guy is wrong. If you're the one that severed the relationship or did something that forced your partner to break it off with you, they may have some hurt feelings or anger issues to sort through. It sounds like you probably had feelings for your ex as well. We were in a LDR and we constantly communicate tru txts and calls for over a time. If he does, hell let you know. We had few texts in the first two week, then 10 days ago I went silent. Hello! Well, what we know so far is that they feel entitled to a response. And then ego will get the better of him. Don't get comfortable and slide back into old habits. Thanks! As for a way back, thats why we have the program to give you the information and tools to attempt to get your ex back, but also work on becoming your best self. Me and my ex were only together 2 and a half months and it may sound stupid to some people I get that, but in that time Ive never felt such a strong connection with someone as I did with her, it felt like we had known each other years. Your ex may not ever want to be with you again, but your ex definitely wont forget about you. This guide is going to cover things like: By the time you finish this guide I want you to sit back and think to yourself: That was the most insightful guide on the no contact rule that I have ever read.. Weve already mentioned that a narcissistic personality disorder, a lot of dating partners, and a short-term relationship could make your ex forget about you. Ive gotten to know that my ex slept with someone else already about a week after the break up. This is why, if your ex has texted you during No Contact, don't mess her around by not responding to her, or replying to her but acting like you're not really interested in her anymore (e.g. I replied again a few times apologising saying she didnt have to accept my apology but just know I was truly sorry. more than anything for you to contact him. I also have the feeling she is now interacting with someone else as well. If so when and why should I say. You are worthy of love. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year because i felt like she is taking me for granted. While I know it is a lot to read if you did take the plunge and read through it all you will have noticed that the overall ex recovery process hinges on YOU making the first move (which I plan on going into much greater detail later.). Appreciate the effort though if youve replied. She recently ended our 3yrs relationship. Then all of a sudden after talking normal for 5 days she seemed cold again, I questioned it, said I was confused one minute she is talking the next she isnt, she said she found it stange I told her fuck you and had a problem with remembering things, I said I had apologised for that and it was 2 weeks ago, she said she didnt want to accept the apology she always accepted things in the past with exs she didnt want to accept and it made her sick. Hey Zan, I was at a friends party and her sister put on their stories of them drinking and she looks so happy, is she over me? I left. For example, if you go into the no contact rule dead set on believing that your ex is going to blow up your phone with messages like: (This text example was taken from an excerpt of one of my booksThe Texting Bible.). We had rented our apartment together and the 23th August we went for the sign off, I found out about this other guy from malasya who left a few days after that day back to his country, and obviusly hurted me a lot and I say a few things to her, no bad words, just the truth, and bcs of it she blocked me everywhere, social media phone email etc ecte cte the 15 Of September i made a call, we spoke for 10 minutes, she was receptive with what i had to say, I was just wishing the best luck for her and telling her that I had no resenment. Should I continue to impose the NC rule on her? In that case, one needs to adjust to solo parenting so the kids can thrive. Towards the beginning of this guide I went on this whole rant about how the no contact rule can still be working even if your ex doesnt contact you. Using the no contact rule with your ex-girlfriend is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you get dumped. So, if the longest you've gone in a year, curiosity is likely to get the better of him by, for example,rel 18 months. Your ex might have unfriended you on social media, but there could be a range of reasons why they haven't blocked you. However, when it comes time to actually build or grow your relationship communication is going to be required. So, when you use the no contact rule on these type of men what is going on in their heads? If for the dumpee, the best way to heal and move on is to do no contact (which I agree, given the phrase out of sight, out of mind is certainly the best way to heal) why wouldnt the same apply for the dumper? Some of these things could make good reasons. Its just the way it works. She asked me to leave again so about 30 mins later I did after probably spending that 30 mins annoying her more trying to apologise and make it ok. 2 Days went past we didnt speak, then I sent an apology to her, she responded saying how tough she was finding life and she would rather be alone now and I desevered someone with better mental health she said she didnt think it was wrong that i had said about sex as I was in a relationship with her and thats what people do so she understood why I mentioned it. She even said she was sorry. So, we have a guy who hasnt contacted you at all during your 30 day no contact period. Been blocked / unfriended on social media by an ex after months of NC By AL031, 6 years ago on Breaking up 6,574 Hi, I just need some help understanding what could be going through my ex boyfriends mind. In other words, his heart is having a major battle with his pride. It really depends on what is going on in your exs life and Isuppose I could say maybe 2 months for each phase. I love and miss him so much, Hey Claire, it is only you who can deicide if you want to move on or not, I am happy to give you advice with whichever path you choose. Lets start out with probably the most likely reason that he may not contact you during no contact, his stubborn nature. It shows you respect yourself, and arent willing to fight for a cheater. Believe me when I say it takes a man who is incredibly stubborn to not contact you during a 30 day NC period. This is something I have talked about numerous times throughout this site so it only makes sense that I talk about it again here. I feel for you.its painful losing someone you love. What if HE was the one that broke up with you? Doesnt have socials. I'm guessing that maybe whoever shes dating tells her to block you. Your ex wont forget about you if you go no contact. My ex, who I will call Green for their privacy, had come to the sudden realization that they had Dissociative Identity Disorder around 7 . she looks like shes doing well without me, I have been so sad the month and I just want her back and i dont know what to do anymore. For now, just hit "unfollow" not "unfriend" so you're not tormented by his Facebook updates. In y case both damaged by past relationship and on top 2years go I lost my daughter. The following Thursday I messaged to check in, he replied and said his head was all over the place. You are always going to have to be the one to take the first step and press the action when it comes to communicating. In all, there are 3 legitimate reasons that come to mind. 10 Reasons Why My Ex Boyfriend Unfriended Me On Facebook There are no way he clicked the unfriend tab out of boredom. Always leave it to your ex to contact you again. Thats when i decided to call it quits. There are a lot of different reasons for why an ex boyfriend would refuse to contact you during the no contact period. Common. Learn how your comment data is processed. He said I deserve better and cannot wait. My pride told me not to do it but my heart wanted to so bad. My ex boyfriend broke up with me two months after we moved in together after an argument. And only gave a little time for me. Its possible he got stressed because of the lockdown and struggles to cope with anxiety. You have been in the no contact period for about 10 days but he hasnt contacted you. May I add she also had been saying to me the week we started talking normal again how we were going to visit Brazil end of the year, all the things we can do together after corona virus has ended! If your ex is constantly viewing your profile and posts, it might be time to take action and block them . In the beginning of this month my boyfriend broke up with me because he said he didnt feel the same as he felt before the lockdown, he told he as been feeling like this for 3 weeks now (its important to know that he suffers from diagnosed anxiety). Hit the gym, get new clothes, meditate, hang out with friends who make you feel awesome 5. Should I message him or move on ? Even if he hasnt texted me? So let's say you don't follow the sage advice in this article and you stay in touch with your ex and he starts seeing another girl. Firstly, it puts you in control. Love your honesty, made me really think about my actions and his. What I should do? Some men just take longer than others to make a move. All I have to say is, Karma is a bitch good luck with AIDS you hoe. Free shipping for many products! Its wrong on so many levels because it infuriates them, when they are nowhere near ready to converse with you. Not only for her but for you. Maybe focus more on you than herand try not to overthink things. The problem with stubborn men is that they wont want to communicate. Remember, the guy who is stubborn may want more than anything for you to contact him but he just cant get out of his own way sometimes. University of Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger may have been driven to kill by his history of social issues and a possible "incel complex," a former FBI . Is why he would not contact me? But hey, I was young and I didnt know how to handle my emotions. He wants to make sure that you'll see his name on the screen after a week of radio silence. Everyone is saying to not text her that she has to be the one that texts back. These things are completely out of your control. I even though I still love her, there wasnt any choice but to end it. So, do yourself a favor and dont turn into that on me. One of the most asked questions I get from coaching clients is to explain the reasoning behind a man who doesnt contact you during the no contact period. I wasnt her first boyfriend but I was her longest relationship so far (2 years) and she always told me I was the best boyfriend she had. They meet someone new all the time, so they can actually forget someone they didnt care about. There are two main reasons why your ex (who consistently treated you poorly), unfollowed you on social media: He just can't. He's hurt either by you or by having to see your photos. I have heard nothing. Dont ever think that its not. Be the one to end the conversation. I know that guy and I know he is in a relationship with someone else now. My case is i met a guy and we were in ldr for 1 and half year..and during that time he cheat on me multiple timeshe lied about his name age etche older than me.he is like in 40sIm in my early 20she didnt tell me i found it by myself and i forgave him for all thatand still loved him like beforebut our relationship was still going no where due to he being not available and always busy later found he was flirting other girls and we broke uphe said he loved me but at 1 point i was too much.Im naggingannoyingclingy person.after this break up i was with someone else like rebound but after he contact me 3 days after break up i went back to him but he stayed same we broke up and then 1 week later he came again but we fought and 1 hour later he come said he have a new girl and he is currently with her now.he and me dont talk.and he looks happy with her.was it my fault our relationship didnt work? I didnt respond. They may not like dumpees and have much respect for them, but they dont just forget they dated them. Xo. I told her I absolutely cant do that right now, and dont even know if I will ever. Dont even try to deny it because deep down you know its true. That's why he's putting emphasis on texting. That means there were some big unresolved issues your ex couldnt or didnt have the determination to fix. People struggling with this will even ask their friends what they think is going on with the ex and if they think that the ex can be gotten back. I promise that I am going to do everything in my power to make that a reality for you and I want YOU to hold me accountable to it. This is the time to work on yourself:Mentally, physically and emotionally. I got a positive reply saying hes really missed talking over the last few days and would really like to talk soon. My Ex Won't Talk To Me No Matter What I Do. While I cant always answer everyone I try my very best to. Firstly, the no contact rule is only step one in the process. I did not wanted really get committed too soon in a relationship and would have preferred to take my time too. Its been 5 months and no contact. I dont mean her full attention towards me, i even asked only a little of her time. I walked away not because I dont love her (till now i really do) but its because I wanted her to focus on the things that she wants in life. 8. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Unfriended (DVD, Widescreen) - Ex Library - - **DISC ONLY** at the best online prices at eBay! We were in a long distance relationship. After all, he made the decision to end things. I never said the same doesnt apply to your ex. 2. The dumpee is no longer in the dumpers mind by being out of her sight, and the dumper can freely enjoy her new relationship without facing the guilt and remorse for leaving the dumpee for someone else. We both have been in rough relationships and on top I lost my daughter more than 2 years ago. This is especially true when it comes to men who are extremely stubborn. Well, the same can be said about the no contact rule as there are parts of it that can be very complicated. Do I continue no contact for 45 days? What do you think is considered a long time for an ex boyfriend to respond to you? But if your ex is smart, your ex will work on them so that your ex doesnt encounter the same issues in the next relationship. If the dumper feels guilty or remorseful for leaving the dumpee (especially if she left the dumpee for someone else), wouldnt no-contact actually help the dumper move on quicker? Miss you and simple whats up will let her know that its cool hearing from her but you arent pressed. Its been a week, probably not long enough. You see, a large portion of women who visit this site are under the impression that all they have to do to get their ex back is the no contact rule. The odd thing Ive put on social media hes never viewed. It cant erase the past or focus on the present so strongly that it stays distracted forever. Ex blocked me during no contact, what does that mean 4,570 views Premiered Feb 22, 2021 87 Dislike Share Save TheTruth 1.08K subscribers 52 She's not my friend on Instagram and my page. He left. He hasnt texted me though, and I want to get him back. Now, if your relationship wasnt that bad, your relationship probably didnt need to end, but it still did. It became more fight then friends with us. When your ex texts during no contact, you aren't aware of what their intention might be. Easier said than done but I believe in you. Prevents you from seeing what he's up to because sometimes you really don't want to know. I did the begging and pleading, appealed that i put so much effort for us and for her. I read this article so i immediately follow the NC rule. I told him I felt hurt and I would have contacted him when I was better. 2. It can be entirely possible that the no contact rule was working you just have no idea because he has an amazing poker face. She is obviously only interested in herselfwill never be able to put your needs before hers when it really matters. When you ignore someone with the intent of making them want to talk to you more and instead they dont talk to you at all. While those emotions may be negative they are still emotions and if you play your cards right you can turn them in your favor. With the help from my friends I started to notice that this relationship aint going anywhere. So whether I tell you that your ex will forget about you or remember you forever, bear in mind that my words wont change the outcome. Ive had a few relationships previously that had lasted years and hadnt felt the way about them like I did about this girl. Thks, Hi, in a relationship for just less than I year. 1. I have kids and we broke up because he couldnt see a future for us dispite saying he is in love with me, Im the one blah blah blah. It just so happens that the time I did look at her profile she was online and I remember I blew her phone up angry that she was ignoring me. If you don't unfriend your ex on social media, this could become an uncomfortable reality for you. Well, its not that they cant be good its just that viewing relationships as a game is not going allow you to succeed. Make sure you remain honest if you decide to speak. Document everything, from the mundane to the extravagant. In other words, in that massive guide I actually recommend that you are the first one to make contact with your ex after the no contact period. I was hurt deeply and Im just starting to feel better. What to say? I just received a text at the 24 day mark. Take care not to over-analyze the situation. I asked her about it she said it was the last thing she wanted right now, I asked to talk about it she said she had just told me all her problems was it not obvious she wouldnt want to do that, she turned over her back to me and I was still talking, I said I dont want to talk to the back of your head, she said talk to my ear i just wanted to know where I stood and did she want to carry on together she wouldnt give me an answer, I got up, it really frustrated me, id listened to her, why couldnt she talk to me about this, with that I got up, I was angry, first time Id ever been angry with her first time she had seen me get angry, I said fuck you to her I straight away realised what I had said and said I am so sorry you didnt deserve to be spoken to like that, she asked me to leave, said she didnt want a relationship with someone that says fuck you to them, I apologised but I know it didnt make it ok though. Hi Alice, I think you have been clear with what you want from him and he has said he is not ready for that commitment yet. Remember, the no contact rule is only the first step of the entire ex boyfriend recovery process. Thanks for your time. Well, today we are going to be tackling one of the most asked questions when it comes to the no contact rule. Since its come to the breakup, your ex can either fix those issues or simply ignore them and carry them into the next relationship. She messaged me that week in the evenings, I never started the conversation once I thought leave her to give her space but when she messaged Id reply. How else can you meet other interesting and more beautiful girls if you're hanging on the memory of an indecisive girl. Wondered if you could advise. Do you remember what I said the main purpose of the no contact rule was? Is she still gonna think about me? I am about to put one of the most asked questions on this site to rest today. Conclusion. Thus, many women feel almost entitled when it comes to men talking to them. Your ex won't forget about you during no contact To start with a little bit of hope to cling to, rest assured that dumpers don't just forget dumpees. Its not that we dont care. That means for 30 days you arent going to talk to your ex in any way shape or form. Well, while you are discouraged that he hasnt grown a spine and contacted you to at least see how you are doing he is sitting back chanting. Neither of us have contacted one another. He messaged me (1 time) 7days after the NC started, I responded him 4 days after message. Updated. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting assurance and a little bit of female guidance from a different point of view. He or she wont forget you by dating someone else either. Did he even care?. Now heres the problem. The second step would be to re-establish a new and favourable impression and associate you with good experience and good feelings. Don't immediately reply and take some time to think it over to figure out what you ultimately want out of this interaction. Hey Assunta I am sorry but that is only something you can decide. The no contact rule is meant to tap into that loss and cause an ex boyfriend to contact you but is that the true purpose of the no contact rule? Here is the deal though. The best way I can answer whether your ex will forget about you during no contact is to say that dumpers dont forget their exes. We have also discussed how it is possible that just the act of breaking up can cause a guy to paint himself as the victim. A Bothersome Ex. Things changed when she came back, she wasnt the same person I knew. You see, men and women are very similar in many respects. I said that I am a normal simple woman and I would like to have family, that I would like him to propose to me. They literally asked me what I thought and when I told them that I thought it would be ok they decided against it because of that sense of entitlement. youve never dated anyone as good as your ex. Hes wanted to see me and Ive always just been nervous to see him again about a month in after 4-9 hour phone conversations he said I love you and weve been saying that for the last three months we got into a fight about a month ago he was upset I hadnt come to see him but we continued on talking hes told me Im the one for him hes talked about houses to buy and having kids with me and that he thinks Im his twinflame hes even read books about twin flames hes sent me. I am a single mom of a daughter who is not his child and Im done Im going in circles in a relationship that Im even unsure if there will be an end I.e marriage. Take steps to move on with your lifefor your own sake. I have covid, he saw my photo in instagram and he didnt even ask how he was doing. Why You Should Make The First Move After NC. In other words, if the dumpee is out of the dumpers sight, why wouldnt the dumpee also be out of the dumpers mind? Dont text her!!! Its been almost 2wks now. If you ever talk to her, it should be her idea not yours. Whats interesting is that I have had multiple women contact me here on Ex Boyfriend Recovery wondering if they should contact their ex after the no contact. youll need to understand the process we teach) so if you dont have that foundation I highly recommend you check out my best selling program to get it. Well, if you take a look at the true purpose of no contact (to make him feel like he misses you) you cant really tell if he misses you or not if he never contacts you. because it's not the full 30 or 60 days yet, you're unsure of her feelings for you, you don't want to come across as desperate). One of the most overlooked factors when it comes to the no contact rule is how the actual breakup will affect your boyfriend. It would help your ex feel better and give your ex enough time to experience life without you. If you were to have the attitude that I described above, the entitlement attitude, then the chances are high that nothing will get done. Maybe they really have moved on and feel ready to rip the bandage off. They may not think about them as strongly and frequently as you think about your ex (especially right after the breakup), but they certainly dont erase dumpees from their memory. I mean, I already compromise a lot of things for our relationship like I refused a job offer to work in another country just to stay near for her. We spoke the following Tuesday for an hour. Thus, when a breakup occurs a lot of us dont like talking about it. Men are different though. Well, like I explained above. He responded again within 2hours.after that NC is continuing. Well, like I explained above. It would be healthy if your ex could forget about you for a while though. Her last post was about our dogs (4 years) birthday, but she broke up with us 4 months ago and is no longer part of our dogs life.so I am very confused since it has now been 7-days since we have not spoke. Why does she feel like shes more of a babysitter to you?? You have managed your expectations about him reaching out during NC but you are a human being after all and you cant help but wonder why he has been silent on his end for 10 days straight. hello. It can also be used to detach yourself from a narcissistic or abusive partner. None of us can help people who cant help themselvesesp with emotional stuff. If you start applying the no contact rule after the breakup, you are not only giving yourself the best chance to get your ex back, but you are responding with maturity and dignity. If you were left for someone else, NC is even that much better for you. Will my ex move on, and Ill never hear from my ex again?. So, the scene I have just painted above is pretty simple. And if you want to confide in us instead, do that by signing up for breakup coaching with us. He hasnt replied since and its been 2 weeks hes really stubborn and is very protective of his pride. So, they are probably going to be thinking of the whole no contact experience as a game. But if your ex doesnt return, he or she will probably think about you and other romantic partners significantly more than now and try to figure out if any of them can help him or her cope with anxiety. I often talk about the importance of making logical decisions on this website. It could be that they want to keep tabs on you, or they're hoping to get back together with you one day. Let him decide if he wants to be with you. You will never find the respect and commitment you deserve with her. They prevent you from moving on. I remember one time where there was someone I really wanted to talk to. That immediately closes your exs possibility of returning back to you. Answer (1 of 9): That's a good news for you bruh ! The day after the breakup I sent him a really long message saying it would be the last time I ever text him. And never start off with the I dont Give her the satisfaction of oh here he goes contacting me again become a ghost to her and let her reach out to you. He talked about maybe how things annoyed him that he hasnt spoke of but wouldnt tell me what they were. Should I reach out to him? On day 30 of her no contact period her ex finally broke down and sent out a message to her. Work, events, and more.will me doing no contact now really be effective? But as the saying goes its better said than done she didnt eventually. I would suggest that you spend some time working on yourself, spend time with your friends and family especially when he does get back. It's All About Getting Control To Deal With Your Ex This is where No Contact is important. Take your time when it comes to responding. , This may work in some situations but 8 have serious doubts.and I know for sure it killed my relationship.i kicked my commonlaw girlfriend out for not communicatingbreaking all our relationship rules and boundaries by planning to move out behind my back.qhen I called her on it she broke down into name calling and lies..so I locked her out violence was a.step away and two kids were in the house..i was not going to allow that.after i locked her out she no contact melol big mistake.you do not ever no contact someone you love this will destroy trust and shows a COMPLETE lack of respect to the person you love anyone who does this to me will never see me again period.i filed we are now in court contact through lawyers only.dont try the no contact with a real man its internet bs. How do I tell him all this for a second chance? He might wait for a while after the longest period has been exceeded. He has a very busy job and is doing other projects outside of work so tends to be busy. The worse life treats your ex, the more likely it is that your ex will remember you, ponder about you, contact you, and reconcile (or try to reconcile) with you. Same thing happened to me! We dated for a year and then broke up, he didnt think his feeling were where mine are and whilst they are growing for me he fears he wont get to a stage where I am. She said thankyou we were laying in bed at this time and she started to kiss me the first time she had all day, I then stupidly thought to try to initiate sex with her as I thought she was kissing me so why not see, she said is that all I want and is that the only reason I stayed, it wasnt at all, but I asked her why she had been avoiding it as we hadnt had sex in 2 weeks, she had told me previously how important it was to her in a relationship. You had no say in the matter. I really dont want her to forget about me and actually would like her to come crawling back. This is SOOOO wrong on so many different levels. In this. Be flawlessly polite and kind with all contact, but NEVER beg for your ex back. They may not like dumpees and have much respect for them, but they don't just forget they dated them. Trust me, youll get her and you wont think about your ex much anymore. Lets say that you are doing the no contact rule and you happen to run into a stubborn guy who wont contact you at all. I have no idea but my ex did the same thing, 5 months after our last talk, he blocked me. She thinks she can do better, so let her do better.. She is going on a lot of trips, skiing every weekend, out with friends, and spending a lot of money on Distracting herself with everything she can possibly do. One way to do it is through text messaging. While it is always important to find that delicate balance between logic and emotions it is also important to remember that the mere fact that your ex is trying to get back at you through the use of his silence means he is feeling emotions. It wants what it wants and eventually it wore my pride down and a few days later I sent that message. Your reply to your ex should be short and sweet. 9 Secretly Obsessed: He Avoids Any Events With Mutual Friends. To me it sounds like you have some maturing to do. He suddenly flared up and told me he does not want to have anything to do with me and he has blocked me on all social media platforms. Hes very stubborn. We were not at full plus capacity and we began bickering with each other. When I wanted to work things out he tried but then later retracted and said that the distance wouldnt work out for us since he had moved back to California and I stayed in Oregon. My boyfriend ended our 5 and a half year relationship by saying he wasnt happy. As I teach in my No Contact Rule Book, some men are extremely stubborn and will refuse to be the one that reaches out first during the no contact period. She cheated before. What we are going to be talking about in this article is going to be a little involved and will require a bit of foundation on your part (i.e. As Ive written about multiple times in my experience, ex boyfriends have a tendency to contact you at the strangest of times. Thats because youll rationally discern that your ex wasnt a bad person and that you wouldnt mind getting back with your ex. He begs and pleads until I come back then decides he doesnt want to commit all over again. My ex (19F) broke up with me (18F) September of last year. After the no contact period is over. While it is entirely possible that those three outcomes can occur it is also possible that all three may not occur. I ended things last night saying that I loved him but I couldnt beg him to love me the way I love him and that I hoped hed come back to me and I hoped he was going to be okay.. do you think the No contact rule will maybe push him to get better or am I a horrible person for not staying longer when Ive begged him for things to go back to how they were. People have a tendency to only remember the bad stuff about the relationships towards the end. He wanted to meet and said that he understood that he loves me but is not ready to propose. Hai Julian.. follow the no contact rule for urself Not to get her back Work on urself Give time for yourself to heal The first few weeks may be torturous.. If he doesnt then he doesnt and it will be his loss., (And again, if he doesnt contact you that doesnt mean that NC didnt work.). But your situation is probably different. That brings me to my next point. By being mindful of your response and the way you react to their . However, after your 30 days are completed he hasnt contacted you and you are left feeling pretty depressed. We were trying for a baby and had been together years. But i wanted her to realise also that it would take two people to make a romantic relationship work out and as days goes by without contact, I am missing her as hell! Well, most likely you turned into a gnat that would never leave the guy alone. We werent arguing much and I havent been able to understand his reasoning behind it. I cant understand why he has done this as hes always been so set on being with me. This is the first step. She's telling you that she wanted to stay but it hurt her to do so and her unfriending you is her taki. No matter what I want YOU to be the one to text him. She told me she will compromise. Sadly, for the dumpee, no-contact is the only option, but this only option probably wont help his chances when he is out of the dumpers mind. It will give you a chance to take control of your life again, get your priorities straight, and it can give you the best possible chance to mend things with your ex-girlfriend. 5. Shall I give up on him or just be patient and give him the time. Here's the downside, she's actively trying to set those feelings aside so she can go on living life without having to deal with them. Most women get extremely depressed when an ex boyfriend doesnt message them at all during the no contact period. It is OK for me as I need time to trust again and want to know him better before embarking in a new relationship. but I will appreciate your opinion about my story. What to do .. speak myself? After that happened he lost his job and had issues with his family and has had a pretty deep depression going on Ive stuck around and said I wasnt going anywhere but conversation started to be lucky if I got one to two texts a day. Girls often do that when they want to have your attention. I am going to make this really simple for you. I am going to assume that a large number of the readers of this guide are currently in the middle of their no contact period. Obviously she was very upset about the whole not being contacted situation. While I am certainly annoyed to get responses like that I do have to take some of the responsibility. . I mean, yeah, I do love her. Well, you probably threw a tantrum. Taking his or her focus off you and putting it on something or someone else would allow your ex to distance himself or herself from issues that created a lot of negative emotions. Probably after few days or week either she is gonna sent you fren request again or even call you back .C. I feel good about myself a bit because I have the feeling I left a huge legacy and that another person will have to be extremely good to replace me. If you want your ex back because youre hurting and your relationship wasnt that great, you want your ex back for the wrong reasons. Make sure you dont pressure him. 6. A mans heart is stubborn. Shes up to absolutely no good. Allow yourself to release the pain. She doesnt seem like the kindest person. While I would tend to agree with that you are in a very unique situation here in that we are talking about your ex boyfriend. Keep the Faith . Your NC time period has just concluded and you are debating on whether or not you should contact him via a text message. He broke up 3 weeks ago. (If you want the more in-depth explanation of what it is and how to properly do it I suggest you read this article pronto.). I thought about it and I wanted to give her a second chance but she now wants time as well apparently because of unfairly I treated her. Seriously, they will sit around and cry because he didnt call or text. Well, just because a man is stubborn and wont contact you doesnt mean that he doesnt miss you it just means what we all already know, hes an idiot :p . In this case, nothing will ever help you see your ex in a better light. He always said he was not ready to committ again. She tried to get us back together but I said I need time to think. It was the day before New Years Eve. It makes no sense to me why she would suddenly change her mind over night. End the conversation abruptly but politely. Maybe they're feeling a little salty about how well. Get your stuff together. I got as far as typing the text message that I wanted to send into my phone but for whatever reason my pride prevented me from hitting that send button. I have seen a lot of people with that attitude fail but I have also seen a lot of people with that attitude succeed. Perhaps you didn't make enough time for the relationship or maybe you even had an affair with someone else. 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